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Inner Mask

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An inner mask serves as an additional layer worn underneath a primary mask, typically a surgical or cloth mask.

The primary function of an inner mask is to enhance the effectiveness and comfort of the wearer’s overall mask-wearing experience.

It provides an extra layer of filtration and protection, helping to improve the mask’s overall performance in capturing respiratory droplets and particles.

 NameInner Mask
CompositionPET, Ag+ ion fiber
Weight35 gsm
StyleThe use of an inner mask offers several benefits, including improved filtration efficiency, enhanced comfort, reduced skin irritation, and extended mask lifespan.
By providing an additional layer of protection, inner masks can contribute to better overall respiratory protection, particularly in high-risk environments. 
UsageThey are particularly beneficial for individuals who need to wear masks for extended periods or have sensitive skin prone to irritation
FeatureInner masks are worn directly against the skin, underneath the primary mask.
They act as a barrier between the face and the primary mask, helping to reduce skin irritation and chafing caused by prolonged mask use
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