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MFCA Industrial Research Institute, Ministry of Economic Affairs visited

MFCA Industrial Bureau visited the company to share the results of material flow cost analysis On October 25, when the sun was shining brightly, Mesk was honored to invite commissioners from the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Industrial Technology Research Institute to visit the company with other companies for guidance. Mesk also shared the MFCA material flow cost and energy saving experience and benefited

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Mascot Information

Ag+ ion Fiber Mask Liner

In response to COVID-19, many masks have begun to be controlled Mr. Wei Hongwen, general manager, on New Year’s Eve in January, before and after the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, he thought that the protection of masks is very important and will inevitably affect the demand for masks. So we started to design a replaceable inner cover. After 15 proofings, the prototype of the cover in the cover

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About Mascot


  • Professional Team:We have more than 30 years of experience in the nonwoven industry with support from our talented group of product developers and professional sales team
  • Multiple Techniques:We have the latest technology and equipment among the competitors and has continuously released new generation of products into the market every year
  • Continual Innovation:Ongoing upgrades of our existing and new products through open-channel internal interaction, close customer relations, and latest trend analysis in the market
  • Quality Assurance:Implemented multi-layer filtration system, advanced analysis of product quality control, and independent inspections to ensure highest quality