Mascot is a subsidiary of Exalt Group, established in 1968 as one of the world’s largest rolling equipment factory. It was then reestablished itself in 1997, since being dedicated to nonwoven industry and attaining over 20 years of experience.
In 1994, the Group successfully developed the country’s first “Automated Spunlace Production Line”. In the first year, we established a production plant. Through the series of refining operation process, we invested in developing sophisticated technologies and improving R&D capabilities, leading to prominence in the international market.
We have diversified production over the years, as result becoming successful in major markets around the world including Asia, America, Europe and South Africa. In addition to our Taiwan HQ, we have three regional branch offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Los Angles.
Mascot Service Promise
With “Stay rooted in Taiwan, Seek new opportunities around the world, Create steady profit, Give back to society” the goal, we carry the non-woven industry forward and become the leader in Miaoli region economy, allowing our corporate dreams to come true. To become an all-round problem solver in non-woven production, we are committed to developing the latest technique in the industry.

Professional Team

We have more than 30 years of experience in the nonwoven industry with support from our talented group of product developers and professional sales team

Multiple Techniques

We have the latest technology and equipment among the competitors and have continuously released new generation of products into the market every year

Continual Innovation

Ongoing upgrades of our existing and new products through open-channel internal interaction, close customer relations, and latest trend analysis in the marketplace

Quality Assurance

Implemented multi-layer filtration system, advanced analysis of product quality control, and independent inspections to ensure highest quality

ISO/SGS/TTRI Professional certification

Professional certification:

SGS Test report
ISO9001 Quality Management System
TTRI (Taiwan Textile Research Institute) test report
TTQS (Talent Quality-Management System)

Social responsibility:

Participate regularly in social feedback activities and donate to enterprises, foundations, and educational institutes

Company History

Growing Fast

Cooperate with Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (IDB), implement Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA). Strive to reduce cost and waste, at the same time, be committed to environmental and social responsibilities, energy saving strategy, and carbon footprint reduction.

Equivalent Tree Planting
Equivalent Carbon Reduction
Accumulated Energy Output
Installed Capacity


To become non-woven R&D innovator and industry leader


Harmony & Appreciation
Innovation & Excellence


Stay rooted in Taiwan, Insist & Persevere
Respect & Support, Teach & Learn


Empower our staff to live and work with sense of fulfillment.
Allow our customers and ourselves to innovate diligently and stay successful.
Support our society to increase employment rate and economic stability.