Filter cloth

  • Post category:Industry

 NameFilter clothCompositionRayon、PETWidth600x350 mmWeight70 gsmColorWhiteMesh8/ 10meshStyle UsageUsed to absorb and filtrate impurities and particlesFeatureUtmost cleanliness and high temperature resistanceSupply Ability200 Ton/MonthMOQ3 TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrand OriginTaiwanPicture

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Herbal patch

  • Post category:Medical

 NameHerbal patchCompositionRayon、PETWidth200x250 mmWeight80 gsmColorWhite/YellowMesh2/3/ 22meshStyleplainUsageUsed when feel fatigued For medical applicationFeatureCan suppress inflammation and relieve pain in gauze or patch formatsSupply Ability MOQ3TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrand OriginTaiwanPicture

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Color-absorbent cloth

  • Post category:Cleaning

 NameColor-absorbent clothCompositionRayon、PET、CelluloseWidth Weight65 gsmColorWhiteMesh Style UsageUse before washing clothes to prevent colored clothes from dipping into other plain clothesFeatureAbsorb water, and clothing dyes colorSupply Ability MOQ3TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrandMascotOriginTaiwanPicture

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Cleansing towel

  • Post category:Beauty

 NameCleansing towelCompositionRayon、CelluloseWidth300x350 mmWeight65 gsmColorWhiteMesh12/ 22meshStyle UsageIdeal for facial wipes to wash and remove dirtFeatureEasy to carry, skin-friendly, and washable twiceSupply Ability200TonMOQ3TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrandMascotOriginTaiwanPicture

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Lifting series

  • Post category:Face Mask

 NameLifting seriesCompositionRayon、CelluloseWidth300x350 mmWeight35~40 gsmColorWhiteMesh22meshStyleplainUsageBeauty skin care, put it on your face and remove it after 15~20 minutesFeatureThe special structure and fiber middle layer can make the essence retain water and…

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Invisible series

  • Post category:Face Mask

 NameInvisible seriesCompositionRayon、CelluloseWidth300x350 mmWeight25~35 gsmColorWhiteMesh22meshStyleplainUsageBeauty skin care, appy to your face and remove after 15~20 minutesFeatureUnique construction method and natural cellulose fiber, close to high transparency, closeness, and light and thin…

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Versatile cloth roll

  • Post category:Cleaning

 NameVersatile cloth rollCompositionRayonWidth300x350 mmWeight65 gsmColorWhiteMesh10/ 12meshStyleplainUsageUsed for general cleaning purposesFeatureEasy to tear off, can be used wet or drySupply Ability MOQ3TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrand OriginTaiwanPicture  

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Cellular Shade

  • Post category:Daily life

 NameCellular ShadeCompositionPETWidth Weight ColorWhiteMesh StyleplainUsageUse in same way as window curtain or blind, maintains indoor / outdoor temperature differences, reduce noiseFeatureEasy to clean, disassemble, available in many styles, ideal for heating and cooling,…

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Industrial wiper

  • Post category:Cleaning

 NameIndustrial wiperCompositionRayon、PETWidth300x350 mmWeight65 gsmColorWhiteMesh StyleplainUsageFor wiping industrial equipmentFeatureIdeal for oil absorption, can clean industrial oil and dirt that are difficult to washSupply Ability MOQ3TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrand OriginTaiwanPicture  

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Floor mop

  • Post category:Cleaning

 NameFloor mopCompositionPETWidth300x350 mmWeight65 gsmColorWhiteMesh5/6/ 8/ 10/ 12/ 22meshStyleplainUsageAbsorbs dirt, debris and fine particles on the residential floorFeaturePET material, has electrostatic effect and strong adsorption capacitySupply Ability MOQ3TonPayment TermFOB/CIFBrandMascot OriginTaiwanPicture  

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