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Ag+ ion Fiber Mask Liner

In response to COVID-19, many masks have begun to be controlled Mr. Wei Hongwen, general manager, on New Year’s Eve in January, before and after the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, he thought that the protection of masks is very important and will inevitably affect the demand for masks. So we started to design a replaceable inner cover. After 15 proofings, the prototype of the cover in the cover was finally produced. It was put on the market one after another during February.   

It just so happens that Wuhan pneumonia has gradually spread to the world, and the method of epidemic prevention has become an important topic! After the first death of a white-licensed driver broke out in Taiwan at the end of February, Mr. Zhong Dongjin, the Zhunan Town Office and Miaoli County Council Speaker, also used the cover-in-cover method and distributed it to local taxi drivers. Since then, it has gradually risen.