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2021 Mascot’s Annual Outlook

2021 Mascot’s Annual Outlook

2020 is a year full of turbulence.

The epidemic is dominating the world, and the world’s economy has been greatly affected. The number of deaths from the epidemic in the population of various countries has exceeded the Second World War, and the problem of container shortages continues.

Last year, Mascot suffered from the early stage of the epidemic, which coincided with the second day of the Lunar New Year, and the number of masks was also out of stock. General Manager Wei immediately launched a meeting to formulate a strategy to figure out how to solve the most important concerns of customers, and then start the fabric pull production line from the mask. In addition, it has developed a cover-in-cover that extends the use of masks, blazing a trail for the first half of 2020.

However, as the mid-season epidemic slowed and the policy on masks was lifted, mask equipment factories and national teams started mass producing masks. As of the end of last year, the supply of masks across Taiwan could make up for the daily mask needs of Taiwanese.

Through the differentiation of manufacturing and the launch of B2C marketing platforms, General Manager Wei has laid out “from epidemic prevention to beauty” in 2021. As the epidemic continues to spread, non-woven products can be introduced into human daily life.

Mascot already focus on one of the indispensable products in people’s lives. The future layout will still develop products that can not only be used in epidemics, but also can improve the quality of life, and achieve a true quality strategy.

Quality Strategy of Mascot

Our quality, we guarantee
Make customers happy and make money
Is the purpose of our business
All my colleagues in Mascot are willing to make every effort
Continuous innovation, excellent quality
Provide customers with better products
Higher quality and moving service
To ensure full customer satisfaction and continuous growth
There is only one ultimate goal of our quality
Zero product defect, zero quality defect