Silk Mixed Mask

Natural fiber swelling ratio 13.5 times better than other product active in the market

A series: natural fiber 100%

B series: natural fiber+ silk fiber

(best material for facial masks and cleansing wipes)

Invisible fitness

Touchable smoothness

Unique 3D multi-cross section

microfiber design. Highly breath

perfectly stick to the skin

appropriately fit the face curve

high transparency

different from normal column-shaped fiber,silklear relies on the 3D

multi cross-section micro fiber design with great breathability,

sborb the essence and fully moisten the skin.

Natural and degradable.

Swelling ratio 13.5 times superior

to all the facial mask material on the market.

Keep the moisture, the essence, and the

silk proteinin the bottom of your skin

Make you beautiful and healthy