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Eco-friendly, continuous innovation
30 years of experience, professional services

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Welcome Rotary Sunshine group visit
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3/6 Welcome Rotary Sunshine group visit

Welcome to the 2019-20 Sunshine Team’s Hsinchu District Social Secrets Association to visit Mascot! Thank you for visiting today 💕 Mascot spends a wonderful afternoon with you ❤️ Looking forward to meeting again in the future

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Mascot Information

2021 Mascot’s Annual Outlook

2020 is a year full of turbulence. The epidemic is dominating the world, and the world’s economy has been greatly affected. The number of deaths from the epidemic in the population of various countries has exceeded the Second World War, and the problem of container shortages continues. Last year, Mascot suffered from the early stage of the epidemic, which coincided with the second day of the Lunar New Year, and

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Taiwan Healthcare + Expo 12/3-12/6

The Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition is the world’s first “professional-scale exhibition spanning medical, electronic information, technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical materials, connecting the complete ecological chain of the health industry”! The global precision health industry is rushing forward to change the new look of human healthy life in the future. The Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition joins hands with cross-field top institutions and enterprises, upstream and downstream partners of the health

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About Mascot


  • Professional Team:We have more than 30 years of experience in the nonwoven industry with support from our talented group of product developers and professional sales team
  • Multiple Techniques:We have the latest technology and equipment among the competitors and has continuously released new generation of products into the market every year
  • Continual Innovation:Ongoing upgrades of our existing and new products through open-channel internal interaction, close customer relations, and latest trend analysis in the market
  • Quality Assurance:Implemented multi-layer filtration system, advanced analysis of product quality control, and independent inspections to ensure highest quality