Quality Control  不織布產品主要運用於醫療用途、化妝美容及衛材產品上,故高標準的品質管理是我們品質概念中最重要的一環。因此在過去十年中,我們所提供的布卷及成品之品質,己廣獲對於品質有深度要求之日本、美國及歐洲市場客戶之信賴與肯定。而我們也一直秉持著「我們的品質、我們保証」之信念,建立起企業之良好聲譽!





1. 完整的過濾系統:建立二道多層次精密的過濾系統。

2. 品質檢驗系統:設置高精密度之線上均勻度及污點檢測系統,經由電腦即時控制及分析產品品質。污點的檢測可達0.05mm的敏感度。

3. 全面品質控管:經由品管人員執行嚴謹而100%之全面布面品質檢查。

4. 品檢區域環境控管:設立獨立之品檢專區,隨時保持區域之整潔,並規定包裝區不可穿戴外鞋進入。

5. 品質檢驗關口:每捲布需經三位品管人員之檢驗無誤後,才能正式出貨。


Quality control is a very important factor for spunlace products since they are used for many medical, hygiene and cosmetic products that require the highest cleanliness. Over 10 years, we have been providing various roll and finished products to Japanese, US, and European markets where quality expectation is the highest in the world. We have acquired trust through our experiences accumulated over the years.

In order to provide the good products, we have established a clean and careful environment to meet these higher quality requirements. Here are some examples for our high standard.

1. Two stage water filtration system.

2. Super sensitive foreign material sensor cameras monitored by a computer.(minimum sensible size 0.05mm)

3. Slow speed slitting and checking with careful and trainer inspector.

4. Completely isolated and covered slitting and packing area. Outside shoes are not allowed in the packing area.

5. Each roll is approved only after receiving authorization signature from 3 qualified inspectors.


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